Who are you going to call if you need to hold you breath for an important underwater scene in a Hollywood blockbuster?  It seems Performance Freediving International President and Founder Kirk Krack is now the go-to Trainer to the stars.

Margot Robbie, who plays the Harley Quinn character in the new Suicide Squad movie, revealed to Jimmie Fallon on The Tonight Show that Krack (or “Capt Kirk” as the crew called him) helped Robbie and her stunt-double learn to hold their breath for up to 5min for the movie.

Krack has previously been linked to underwater scenes in the last Mission Impossible movie as well as celebrities such as David Blaine and Tiger Woods. It is always great to see Freediving make an appearance in movies and that some of the Freediving Industry top Instructors are being utilized to train movie stars.

We look forward to seeing Freediving in action when Suicide Squad being released on Friday 5th August worldwide.


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