Having your favorite beverage close by can present challenges, especially on a boat.

Fortunately there is a product DeeperBlue.com found at this year’s DEMA Show that can help keep your beverages from crashing around like a loose cannon on deck.

The Lil Sucker is a flat neoprene ring that flexes around the bottom of a container, and then suctions onto any flat surface keeping that metal water bottle from crashing down on your toes.

The original size fits beverage cans, beer/soda bottles, Tervis Tumblers, Yeti Ramblers up to 30oz, or any other container with up to a 3-inch diameter. The Lil Sucker Holster fits containers up to four inches in diameter.

Retailing for US$5/~€4.38, they are re-usable, washable, and it is also possible to custom print any pattern or information on them. They now have wide distribution at retailers like Cabellas and Ace Hardware so they are easy to find.

Visit their website for more info at www.lilsucker.com.

— Craig Harris and Charles Davis

Lil Sucker at DEMA Show 2018