If you were thinking about buying a dive computer — like the Omnix Dive Watch — from Liquivision, you might want to look elsewhere for the time being.

Liquivision recently announced in response to a comment on its Facebook page that the company was discontinuing its dive computer line:

“We recently decided to stop producing Liquivision computers because of component availability no longer made it viable for us to build these instruments. We decided to pull back manufacturing so we could focus on finding and developing a computer than can embrace and utilize all the technology Liquivision has to offer. In the meantime we still offer support for the product line and service is still available.”

The company still plans to introduce a new app for monitoring divers underwater, as explained in the below video from last November’s DEMA Show in Las Vegas.

You can also read about that new boat kit here.

We’ve contacted Liquivision for more info about the discontinuation and will update this post accordingly.