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Lotta Ericson announces FreeDiving record event in Dahab


Lotta has just announced, for the third time, that she will be holding an event where FreeDivers from around the world have the opportunity to break the own country’s National AIDA Records.

Disciplines are:

  • Constant Weight
  • Constant Weight No Fins
  • Free Immersion
  • Variable Weight
  • Static

The event will run from 2nd June to 16th June 2005 at the Blue Hole in Dahab (Egypt).

The diving platform consists of a metal “pyramid” construction and 2 floating platforms. One platform is for the judges, cameraman and for the person controlling the rope/counter ballast. The remaining platform is for the athletes to rest upon.

Support Facilities

  • We will use a counter ballast system  
  • Bottom weight of 20kg.
  • Counter ballast of min 80kg
  • 10 mm rope
  • Worm up/training ropes
  • 20kg Sled for Variable
  • Safety freedivers
  • Lanyards is mandatory
  • Scuba diver to insure no rope violations, when needed
  • We have 2 AIDA judges (E level)
  • Surface judge camera
  • We will NOT use a Bottom camera!
  • Medical Support, supervised by a Doctor (located on the shoreline, 20m from the platform)
  • Oxygen on platform
  • Pool for static

Included in the price is:

  • All above
  • Transportation from the hotel to the Blue Hole on a daily basis.
  • Rinsing and storing facility for your equipment if you stay at the base Hotel

Price: 300 EURO including 2 attempts. Add 50 EURO for each following attempt.

For more information goto

Lotta Ericson announces FreeDiving record event in Dahab 3
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