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Mares Revamp Classic Wetsuits


2017 sees Mares enriching its wetsuit line with the revamp of two already established favorites, the Pioneer and the Flexa.

The Pioneer, first launched in 2011, has been restyled. This new and improved version maintains its characteristic rear zipper closure and is available in two different thicknesses as previously – the 7mm Pioneer blue (featuring an ankle zip for facilitated donning), dedicated to colder waters, and the 5mm Pioneer red, conceived for more temperate waters.

Mares Pioneer Man
Mares Pioneer Man

This suit has been fashioned to guarantee maximum comfort and the best possible fit for any physical build. It also boasts a rear-positioned neck closure with anti-abrasion Velcro to prevent damage to the neoprene, a rub-resistant zip and a large instrument grip on both wrist areas.

The Pioneer is accompanied by its own hood, implementing a construction that optimizes comfort, compensation and air release in the ear and upper area. The suit also includes a handy, convenient hood keeper clip on the right leg for hood attachment when not in use.

Mares Flexa SheDives
Mares Flexa SheDives

The Pioneer is not Mares’ only wetsuit proposal for 2017. The Flexa has been a firm favorite for many years, but we are always striving for ways to improve our offerings to the dive world. The new Flexa line of wetsuits and accessories represents an even more elite aesthetic and functional innovation.

This re-working of the line is made up of 3 different wetsuit thicknesses, covering all uses from hot water to cold water, as well as numerous accessories which enhance it, enabling the diver to personalize their gear to suit their individual needs.

Fortified by all the positive characteristics of the original, including tri-material construction and color identification, the new Flexa suit introduces high-level materials and prestigious refinements that will provide the best possible performance in any situation.

All wetsuits are available in the Men’s and She Dives versions: the blue 865 model (for cold water), the red 543 model (for temperate water) and the white 322 model (for hot water); each specifically designed to guarantee thermal comfort suitable for various types of dive. All three models are made in ultra-stretch material which guarantees convenience, easy donning and comfort, even during activities underwater.

Mares New Back Protection System
Mares New Back Protection System

Other functional features include the remodeled back protection system, now characterized by a new size which provides greater coverage against tank rubbing thanks to a dedicated area which extends up to the shoulders. Instrument grips are also included on both wrists and the custom neck closure has been significantly improved. Now slimmer, lighter and softer, it includes a “reverse closure” for fastening when the suit is open. It also includes anti-abrasion knee pads to guarantee longer duration of the suit.

Mares Smart Pocket
Mares Smart Pocket

One of the most innovative elements of the new family is the introduction of the optional pocket on the leg for all the Flexa models. Wetsuits come pocket-ready, though the pocket is sold separately. This new Flexa pocket is made of anti-abrasive Supratex which is resistant yet very elastic and comes with a secure, heavy-duty zipper. It provides plenty of space and includes a bungee inside for accessories, and a D-ring outside to fasten the hood when not in use. Of course this area, even without the compartment, is still functional thanks to a buckle to attach the hood or gloves.

Mares Flexa Core
Mares Flexa Core

As well as the Flexa itself, Mares has also updated other aspects of the range. The Flexa Core, the shorty of the line, can be worn by itself or on top of a Flexa wetsuit for greater protection. Available in 4 mm thickness, it has been designed in both a Men’s and She Dives model and the new Flexa pocket can also be attached.

The Flexa Vest enhances the line, guaranteeing thermal comfort. It allows Maximum flexibility – the Vest to be worn under any Flexa suit and the product also features a built-in hood.

Mares Flexa Hood
Mares Flexa Hood

The Flexa Hood has also seen an update. The discharge system that facilitates purging the air in the ear area in order to help with decompression is now more efficient, as is the air purge discharge in the upper area.

We hope you enjoy the many new features which we have to offer this year. We are certain that they will satisfy even the most demanding divers.

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You can find out more via the Mares Wetsuit page on their website.

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