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Mares Showcases New Equipment at DEMA

Mares is showcasing a variety of new dive masks, buoyancy control devices, dive computers and regulators among other new products this week at the Dive Equipment Manufacturers Association’s annual trade show in Orlando, FL.


On facemasks, Mares has developed a new "LiquidSkin" line that feature what it calls "Bi-Silicone Technology." The LiquidSkin masks incorporate "two different types of silicone into one molded skirt" that rests against the face, according to the company’s latest product catalog.


Putting those two types of silicone together allows the finished product to be "extremely flexible," Mares Product Manager Monica Sullender tells The mask skirt is 270 percent more elastic than those on standard facemasks, she added.


The LiquidSkin line comes in three styles: X-Vision, an X-Vision "MID" version for smaller, mid-sized faces, and a low-volume "STAR" style ideal for freedivers. The masks can be fitted with standard prescription lenses, according to Sullender.


On fins, Mares has joined the split-fin bandwagon, introducing its new "Raptor" line of split fins. The design incorporates the "Whale Tail" foot pocket, featuring "a continuum of materials from the blade [that] ensures seamless transmission of power through the entire kick cycle," according to the catalog.


"It’s really important in a split fin to keep . . . everything in one line and maximize their power," Sullender says.


Mares is introducing three new lightweight, economical BCDs called "Pegasus," "Origin Sport AT" and "Origin Sport MRS Plus." The "Pegasus" model features the standard, over-the-shoulder exhaust hose along with a dual-position chest strap and removable double crotch strap. The "Sport AT" model incorporates the "AirTrim" pneumatic system and the "MRS Plus" has large zippered pockets and an integrated weight system.


Mares is also presenting its new "PUCK" line of wrist and standard dive computers, named thusly for their similarity in shape to that round thing that slides either across the ice or at the bottom of a swimming pool. It has modes for air and nitrox, one-button operation and a backlight on demand.


Freedivers will like the new "NEMO EXCEL" wrist dive computer that sports a freedive mode in addition to the bottom timer, nitrox and dive mode. The NEMO AIR console has an attachable compass.


None of the computers are fully Macintosh-compatible yet, according to Sullender. "We’re working on that; we’ve had a lot of requests for it, so we definitely see a need for to come out with a Mac" version of the software," she said. DEMA Team DEMA Team
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