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MaxVision Mask Helps Divers In Low Light

SeaVision??s MaxVision mask is quickly becoming the product of choice for advanced divers looking for optimal underwater performance in low-light situations. Released earlier this year to the delight of the technical diving community, the MaxVision was engineered as a light-enhancing mask for diving in lakes, rivers, quarries, caverns, wrecks or other places where the amount of natural light is greatly reduced.For many years, SeaVision USA has been the leader in scuba and snorkeling vision through its line of color-correcting and vision-correcting masks. The company continues to set new standards for excellence as it researches additional designs and products to further improve underwater vision for divers in all areas.

??In the same way that our traditional SeaVision line enhanced and corrected colors underwater through the use of a magenta (red) lens, the MaxVision is the first mask to use an amber (yellow) filter that actually attracts light and makes it easier to see underwater when there is less natural light,?? said Alan Smith, SeaVision Optics Vice President of Marketing and Sales. ??The technical and advanced diving communities have quickly embraced this concepts because they know the SeaVision reputation and they also know that the MaxVision mask works.??

The patented SeaVision Optics design, often imitated but never truly duplicated, has won acclaim throughout the international diving community. The new amber lenses in the MaxVision mask can be used in any of the four SeaVision Optics frame designs including the popular SeaVision 2000, the Ultra, and the Ultra Plus. Like all masks from SeaVision, the MaxVision can be created with customized single vision lenses or bi-focal prescription lenses for vision correction. No other manufacturer currently offers single unit custom prescription lenses ?? others are bonded or other techniques, according to Smith.

The advanced diving community has embraced the MaxVision as much for it??s function as for it??s reliability and performance. ??People might look at the MaxVision at first glance like it??s some kind of gimmick, but it??s not,?? says Curt Bowen, Publisher of Advanced Diver magazine. ??Our readers and members of the advanced and technical diving community have discovered that the MaxVision really works. It??s become a very popular addition to many divers?? gear lists.??

One person who has seen the benefits of all of the SeaVision products first-hand is well-known and award-winning underwater photographer and videographer Stan Waterman. As someone who knows the value of underwater imagery, color-correction and light enhancement, Waterman is quick to point out, ??the SeaVision mask is a permanent part of my gear bag!??

In addition to professional and individual divers, the MaxVision is also catching on with larger dive operations. According to Mike Lever of the Nautilus Explorer vessel operating in the cold water environment of the Pacific Northwest, ??We call the MaxVision our ??happy?? masks. Not because they are silly or look different, but rather that every diver who comes back from a dive wearing a MaxVision is one very happy diver.??

The MaxVision has a suggested retail price of $108.99. Single lens prescriptions can be custom-built into a MaxVision mask for $189.99. For more details about the entire SeaVision line of quality vision products for active people, go to

Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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