Thursday, November 30, 2023
FreedivingMore Freediving National Records (UK and Croatia)

More Freediving National Records (UK and Croatia)


The waters have Dahab have brightened the spirits and hopes of freedivers worldwide this week. The astounding news of Sara Campbell has rocked the freediving world, and it seems like her deep karma has affected her colleagues.

The British Freediving Association has announced a new UK Record in Free Immersion for Marcus Greatwood. On the 19th October 2007, Marcus achieved a depth of 61 metres, whereby he had to pull himself on a submerged line to that depth and back again. This took place at the ‘Triple Depth’ competition, in Dahab, Egypt. The previous record holder had set the depth to 60 metres in 2005.

And in Croatia, miles from the vibe of Dahab, Goran Colak breaks a national static record. He writes "…in Croatia’s capital Zagreb existed a long time domination of Kike Curavic in the static apnea discipline… His record was 6:45min, and I did clean 7:01 on first try, on record attempt".

Mr. Colak went on to say that he was nervous with the 50-100 people around the pool, and struggled with his contractions but made a clean finish, on camera. Images of this event can be seen in this link, and also here.

German record holder Anna von Boetticher came home from the Triple Depth competition in Dahab with a 52metre NR in CWF for Germany, and a NR in CNF with a 35 metre dive. Ms. Boetticher comments that she is looking for to the upcoming Worlds, for some relaxing dives. She has walked away with all three German records since she started freediving this year.

Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise Haith
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