More Freediving Records for the United Arab Emirates

Local Abu Dhabi businessman Adel Abu Haliqa has taken the tags for 3 National FreedivingRecords in the 2nd Mediterranean Freediving Meeting in Crete.

Earlier this week, Haliqa gained hisfirst National Record in the Constant Weight discipline with a depth of 35metres. This was also the first national record ever won for the United Arab Emiratesin any open water freediving discipline. A day later, he announced 43 metres tobeat this record and successfully took a white card with a clean dive.  During the course of the week Haliqa thenproceeded to win the Free Immersion National Record with a depth of 37 metres, anda Constant Weight No Fins record to 21 metres, and said that the dives were alleasy and relaxed.

Haliqa also holds all the NationalRecords for all the pool Freediving disciplines which he won in Eindhoven in 2008.




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