Thursday, March 4, 2021

Guillaume Nery wins new French National Records


Guillaume Nery won a new French National Record on the 1st of July with the depth of 72 metres in the Constant Weight No Fins discipline.

In his blog he writes about a newFrench record and new personal best attempt. He said that the sea conditions werejust amazing, and it was the perfect day to overcome the 70m barrier.

“My officialtop was at 12.20 am. I woke up a little early, probably because of thestress and I spent all the morning turning around, very impatient to bein the water.

Rightafter the dive, I felt all the lactic acid burning every part of mybody as I have never experienced before! It’s probably the result ofthe no warm up style, that lead to a stronger diving reflex (bettervasoconstriction) and a bigger production of lactic acid.”  Later on in the week, Nery went on to increase his depth to 75 metres taking the tag and again of course the new record again.

Today Nery did a Free Immersion dive to 80 metres, and he won the Mediterrenean Freediving competition in Sougia for the second time.

More information on Nery’s progress can be read on his blog.




Guillaume Nery wins new French National Records 3
Sara-Lise Haith
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