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Murex Diving Introduces A ‘Passport To Paradise’

Murex Diving has introduced its “Passport to Paradise” in North Sulawesi.

The new Murex Passport lets you take in three world-class diving destinations: Manado, Lembeh, and Bangka island. The Murex Passport takes you to:

The Murex Passport offers you the opportunity to select the number of nights you want to stay at each destination. You will be transferred by boat between resorts, and the transfer includes a couple of dives on the way. The Passport makes diving three world-class destinations a breeze.

Manado Bay is home to some world-class diving and is very well known for its black sand and top-notch muck diving sites. A hub of biodiversity, the Poopoh to the south of Manado broke records when 385 different fish species were counted in a single morning.

Bangka Island is a stunning island known for its pristine, reefs, sharks and schools of snappers. The idyllic island is the perfect destination to relax between world-class dives.

Lembeh speaks for itself, often topping the list of the world’s best muck divining destinations in the world. The strait is home to the most unusual and numerous critters in the world, and encounters with everything from Pygmy sea horses to flamboyant cuttlefish are regular, not to mention a huge array of unique Nudibranchs and critters.

You can find out more about the Murex Passport here, or check out a related video below.

Passport to Paradise - Bunaken - Bangka - Lembeh - Explore 3 Distinct Dive Destinations in Indonesia
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