More National Records Fall During Second Day of One Breath Jamboree Competition

Second day of One Breath Jamboree Competition, the results are out! Another great day of freediving, with lots of White Cards and many more
National Records! Congratulations to all on your dives!

Today we had 5 new National records:

  • Kate Middleton, New Zealand, 66m Constant Weight (CWT)
  • Stanley Sradaputta, Indonesia, 42m Free Immersion (FIM)
  • Zhengping Lu, Singapore, 30m Constant Weight (CWT)
  • Syafidatul Azua Shafii, Malaysia, 28m Constant Weight (CWT)
  • Nora Lestari, Indonesia, 27m Constant Weight (CWT)

The sea was once again close to perfect conditions for freediving – beautiful balinese waters!

One Breathe Jamboree Day 2 Results