Nautilus Dive Adventures Announce They Are Back In the Water

The NAUTILUS Belle Amie is Back to Diving

Nautilus Dive Adventures has announced the company is now back diving, after their liveaboard vessel the Nautilus Belle Amie came out of drydock on July 8th, 2020.

During its time in drydock, the ship underwent a much deeper refit than usual, with every part of the vessel undergoing an overhaul.

In addition to the ship being overhauled, the crew received extensive training in the latest COVID-19 protocols and processes to ensure that diving is conducted with the highest safety standards.

The ship is scheduled to take its maiden voyage post-refit this month, with an exploratory itinerary to Magdalena Bay. Highlights of the trip include the offshore seamounts and pinnacles, as well as a World War I submarine wreck that the crew thinks they have located. The wreck is relatively intact and lies at a depth of only 50ft/15m.

You can check out a video of the Nautilus Belle Amie below.