Neptune’s Warriors To Hold Indoor Scuba Challenge

Neptune's Warriors underwater event
Neptune's Warriors underwater event

Indoor scuba diving has caught on in Boise, Idaho, with Neptune Warrior set to host their indoor scuba challenge this month in partnership with the Boise Scuba Center.

The event aims to let divers stay interested as the season winds down, as well as giving them time to practice new skills and just have fun.

According to NAUI Instructor Rob Anderson, who founded the program aimed at military veterans:

“In my program for my veterans, I run dives Friday Nights and Saturday and Sunday mornings. It wasn’t long and suddenly I had tons of ‘volunteers’ who just wanted to get in the water. So instead of clogging up the bench strength of my volunteer roster, I started holding sessions to just come out and play. Then last year we partnered with our sponsor Boise Scuba Center to host activities such as Game Night, Skills Comp Night, and Play Time. We have had as many as 19 divers paying to come play. This year we are going to crank up the intensity and host the Indoor Scuba Challenge.”

Divers participate in the program for many reasons, from coping with PTSD and other challenges in life, to staying active during the winter seasons. Veterans will always find something interesting, challenging and fun to do.

You can check out a video of a previous event below.