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New Air Analyzer

Measurements facilitate compliance with ANSI/Compressed Gas Association requirements for Type 1 Grade D Breathing Air.

Advanced Instruments’ GPR-990 series Breathing Air Analyzer can be used by fire fighting brigades; fire departments at chemical plants, refineries and government facilities; divers; individuals and patients requiring oxygen to check the O2 & CO or O2, CO & CO2 content of air cylinders, respirators and other breathing air supplies. Analysis is vitally important for monitoring air-compressor output as well as checking pressurized vessel concentrations.

The full-featured GPR-990 analyzer can be used for both on-line and portable operation as it weighs just 12 lbs. and measures a compact 8x9x4.5. Oxygen concentration is checked for the 20.9% content of atmospheric air with high-low alarms set for 23.5% and 19.5%, respectively. The high alarm for carbon monoxide is set for 10 ppm (parts-per-million), while carbon dioxide is alarmed at concentrations higher than 1000 ppm. A loss-of-flow alarm activates when the flow rate falls below 0.25 liters per minute (indicating a low, near-empty or empty cylinder condition).

Separate 3-1/2 digit LCD displays are located on the front panel and provide individual readings in the proper engineering units. An integral flowmeter is available for controlling the flow, while an optional high-pressure regulator allows for checking tank cylinders up to 6000 psi.

Each of the four alarms are signaled by individual flashing red LEDs and a common integral audible annunciator also located on the front panel. Alarm relay contacts allow for connection to external warning devices such as horns and flashing lights.

Standard operating temperature range is 5*C to 45*C (41*F to 113*F). Power for portable operation is provided by a rechargeable lead-acid battery. For continuous operation, an AC adapter/charger is supplied and the analyzer is suitable for fixed wall mounting with four appropriate screws.

Accuracy for oxygen and CO measurements is *2% of reading, while CO2 measurement accuracy is *5% of reading. The advanced electro-chemical and infra-red sensors have an expected life of 32 months and carry a 1-year unconditional warranty.

For additional information regarding Advanced Instruments’ GPR-990 series analyzers or other gas analysis solutions, contact your local sales representative or PatrickPrindible, Sales & Marketing Dept., Advanced Instruments Inc., 2855 Metropolitan Place, Pomona, CA 91767, tel. 909.392.6900, fax 909.392.3665,

e-mail: info@aii1.com.

Visit Advanced Instruments’ web site at www.aii2.com.

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