There’s a new underwater drone under development designed for video and still photo shooting.

Qysea Technology recently introduced the FIFISH P3 underwater drone, which sports the capability to take 4K UHD Footage & 20-Megapixel photos.

The 183mm tall by 492mm long (7.2 inches by 19.4 inches) FIFISH P3 features a 1-inch Sony CMOS Sensor, an LED with 4000 Lumens, real-time streaming in 1080P, a working depth of 100 meters/330 feet, auto depth and auto heading, a maximum speed of three knots and a two-hour operating time.

The FIFISH P3 is controlled via a smartphone- or tablet-compatible mount.

FIFISH P3 remote controller
FIFISH P3 remote controller

To learn more about the FIFISH P3, watch the video below, check out the IndieGogo crowdfunding page or go to the company’s website at

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