New scuba diving board game being crowdfunded

New scuba diving board game being crowdfunded (Photo credit © Keep Exploring Games, 2016)

Are you an avid tabletop gamer as well as a scuba diver and need something to while away your surface intervals?

Or maybe you want to spark an interest in diving in your kids or fellow gamers?

Well, there’s a particular crowdfunding campaign underway that might just be up your alley.

Dutch divemaster and board game designer Martin Looij has developed a tabletop game named — you guessed it — “Scuba: The Board Game.”

The object of the game is to find as many fish or treasure objects as possible before running out of air. It’s meant for two to four players ages 8 and up.

Looij has set up a KickStarter page for the game and is already a third of the way through to reaching his goal of US$21,654/€20,000.

For more info, check out Looij’s KickStarter page or watch the videos below.