New Wreck to be sunk in Scotland

A Royal Navy warship is to be sunk off the coast of Scotland, with a view to boosting marine tourism by creating the country’s first artificial reef for divers.

While the Sound of Mull is already scattered with historic wrecks, The Sound of Mull Artificial Reef Trust (SMART) proposes to sink a decommissioned a Royal Navy Destroyer in the Sound Of Mull, West Coast of Scotland. This will create the first artificial reef in Scotland and only the second in Europe, and provide a new underwater tourist attraction.

Local dive centre in Localine has advertised that SMART hopes to commission a feasibility study for this project in September 2011.  Anyone interested in this project can check out and register.  The project’s progress can be monitored via Twitter @SMARTdiving and on Facebook. 

 The Sound of Mull is one of Scotland’s most famous diving spots along with Scapa Flow in Orkney, where the vessels of the German High Seas Fleet were scuttled following the First World War.

Source: The Herald Scotland and Conger Alley.