Ocean Art Underwater Photography Contest Winners Announced

Ocean Art Underwater Photography Contest Winners Announced. (Photo credit: Jeff Milisen)
Ocean Art Underwater Photography Contest Winners Announced. (Photo credit: Jeff Milisen)

Talk about underwater shutterbugs getting their groove on.

The folks at the Underwater Photography Guide this week announced the winners of the Ocean Art photography contest, and their pictures are pretty stunning.

More than $70,000 in prizes were given out to the winning photographers.

Jeff Milisen won the overall “Best of Show” category with his photo of a larval cusk eel taken off the coast of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. His prize choice? An Indonesia liveaboard itinerary with a companion at 50 percent off on the SMY Ondina. That shot also bagged him first place in the “Macro” category.

Of his photo, Milisen said:

“I was on a blackwater dive with a member of the Roddenberry family (of Star Trek fame) watching a parade of underwater aliens drift past when this larval cusk eel swam by. The external stomach helps the developing fish grow as fast as possible by eeking every last bit of nutrition from its every meal. Out of the four divers underwater that day, we had over 1000 blackwater dives under our belt and none of us had ever seen anything like it, whether on earth or boldly going elsewhere!”

To view the complete list of winners as well as their photos, check out the uwphotographyguide.com website.


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