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Ocean Reef Presents New Products Geared Towards the Education Professional


Ocean Reef is finding ways to make its products even more incredible. Luca Gamberini, VP of marketing & sales, shared with how these new additions were designed with educators in mind.

At this year’s DEMA Show in Orlando Florida, Ocean Reef is featuring:

* Extension of the Neptune 3 Line
* New colors (Available in black, white, and blue; 2 sizes S/M, M/L)
* Addition of a Primary second stage enabling the instructor to take their students from the basics to full-face mask diving)
* Swapable second stage that is user-friendly for ease of removal for quicker servicing turn around. It’s designed as an excellent option for public safety teams, military, and intensive divers.
* Alpha Pro 2.0 – Professional Accessory Mount developed in partnership with Innovative Dive. Its hardwire communication provides unparalleled clarity (2x speaker integration), durability, quality and size & weight. This mount recesses into the mask to reduce the bulkiness often seen in other models. Retails for US$850/~€853.
* Gama Alpha HD – Surface Portable Video & Audio Unit. Boasting a 13” full HD backlit anti-reflective rugged screen and 1080p wide angle Camera. It includes DVR, 320G-1TB hard drive, PC/Mac USB connect, HDMI, 2 diver communication w/multiple settings, 12V rechargeable battery, HD imaging, and split screen function. Retails for $7000/~€7028.

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by Jennifer Morgan

Ocean Reef's Alpha Pro 2.0 at DEMA Show 2022
Ocean Reef’s Alpha Pro 2.0 at DEMA Show 2022 DEMA Team DEMA Team
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