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Ocean Reef Showcases New Augmented Reality Catalog At DEMA Show 2016

Today I found a booth that is creating BUZZ! From augmented reality to performance and practicality. Let me prepare you if you are in this crowd, or roll with me if you are not, as we take a look at Ocean Reef’s latest products.

Augmented Reality

Start off by picking up an Ocean Reef Professional or Sport catalog 2017 and thumb through it. They are introducing customizable colors and utilizing the QR scanner to make the most of the catalog. Now lets turn it up a notch and download the Blinkar app, scan the images with Blinkar symbols and watch the images come alive on your catalog — while looking through your phone of course. This is not like the QR scanner where it takes you to another site. Just keep aiming your phone at the magazine and you’ll find the results to be very entertaining!

The sport catalog has a Blinkar image on the front cover and a small image on page 3. The professional catalog has just one on the inside of the last page.

Scan the Blinkar image with the Blinker app for an augmented reality experience with Ocean Reef's catalog
Scan the Blinkar image with the Blinker app for an augmented reality experience with Ocean Reef’s catalog

I talked to Kimberly Etter from Ocean Reef Sales and Marketing to help me navigate through the newest product lines.


Front and center is the Aria Full Face Mask (FFM) snorkel. The accessories such as different colored mask straps (US$19/17.93 Euros) and GoPro mounts ($19.90/18.78 Euros) are what I’m interested in. Attachable clips called Marker Wings ($3.50/3.30 Euros) allows for color identification in a group of snorkelers. Marker Wings also can keep track of other family members or a buddy as well as distinguish your Aria from your friend’s.

Fancy a night snorkel? Buy a glow stick to light up the color-coded Marker Wings and if you wear prescription glasses? Aria’s got you! Just purchase the optical lens support ($23/21.71 Euros) and get your RX lenses installed by your optometrist.

Water enthusiasts can get a Full Face Mask that won’t fog up, that you can breathe through your nose or mouth for the smoking-hot deal of $110/103.82 Euros. The modernized one-step “plug and play” Aria Full Face Mask is the leverage you needed to get everyone psyched for their next vacation.

Ocean Reef's ARIA FFM with Optical lens support, GoPro mount and marker wing
Ocean Reef’s ARIA FFM with Optical lens support, GoPro mount and marker wing


All hail the IDM (Integrated Diving Mask). Ocean Reef has multiple levels of full-face masks ranging from the Neptune II to be phased out by the Space Extender Mask ($1060/1000 Euros) to the commercial-centric Iron Mask ($1600/1511 Euros).

Already have an Ocean Reef FFM you say? The Extender Kit ($99/93 Euros) is your little upgrade with a lot of perks. Since Ocean Reef is revamping their product line, the Extender frame comes in five colors so you can match your existing FFM’s color or mix to customize.

What I enjoy from Ocean Reef‘s IDM is the GSM wireless communication system. As someone who has worked on the sales floor, I see divers always wanting next-level gear. I saw the GSM was a major selling point to the FFM in Ocean Reef’s case. But installing the head gear made me weary due to a flimsy attachment.

It’s safe to say that I am weary no longer; with the Extender Kit you can attach the sturdy NACS (Neptune Adjustable Communication Support) to a rugged eXtender Frame. The Space eXtender Kit allows for attaching accessories like torches, cameras and your GSM-DC with certainty.

Fun Fact: What is GSM-DC shorthand for? DC stands for Dual Channel (multichannel communication). GSM stands for Global Systems for Mobile. One of two major types of radio systems used by mobile carriers these days, GSM is common in European cell phones, as well as U.S. carrier T-Mobile.

For more info, check out the Ocean Reef website at

Ocean Reef's Integrated Dive Mask
Ocean Reef’s Integrated Dive Mask

— By Mike Sasso DEMA Team DEMA Team
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