Oceaner, Huish Outdoors Offering COVID-19 Masks

Hollis' 'Buff' Mask
Hollis' 'Buff' Mask

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging across the globe, dive companies like Oceaner and Huish Outdoors have begun manufacturing cloth masks that — while not meant to filter out the coronavirus — answer the call by various health organizations that recommend people wear at least some form of protection against the spread of the disease.

Oceaner's Face Masks
Oceaner’s Face Masks

According to a post on Oceaner’s Instagram feed:

“In an effort to do our part in the fight against #COVID19, we have started producing a number of variations of 100% cotton face masks. These are washable, breathable, stretchable, reusable (after washing!) masks.

“While we know and understand these are not surgical grade, nor are they N95 masks, from what we have heard and seen, there are many places that do not have access to any masks at all. This is the void we are attempting to fill, and the demand we are trying to meet!

“We will eventually be putting these masks on our website as well, with a portion of all proceeds going towards the production of more masks to be donated to hospitals, and organizations in need!”

Oceaner's COVID-19 masks
Oceaner’s COVID-19 masks

Huish Outdoors is offering its “Buffs” line of cloth masks, according to the company’s Instagram feed:

“Hollis Buffs are here, but they are selling fast! We have a limited supply of Hollis, Zeagle and Oceanic Buffs. Get yours today by emailing [email protected] with your address and phone number and our team will reach out to you.”

Oceanic 'Buff' Mask
Oceanic ‘Buff’ Mask

Oceaner’s masks are retailing starting at US$10 (~9.21 Euros) depending on the thickness. For more info, go to oceaner.com.

Huish Outdoors’Buff” masks are available only in the US and Canada for US$19.95 plus Free Shipping, and CAD$26.95 plus Shipping. For more info, send an email to [email protected].

Zeagle 'Buff' Mask
Zeagle ‘Buff’ Mask