Oceanic Issues Important Consumer Product Bulletin

Oceanic has been informed by its supplier that they have received isolated reports of BC Inflator mechanisms exhibiting continual flow of air into the BC after release of the power inflation button.

Affected are Oceanic Reliant model Inflators that are fitted on various models of Oceanic’s BCs that were sold between February 1, 2004, and June 24, 2004. BCs sold prior to February 1, 2004, do not have these Inflators and are not affected.

Testing and evaluation has shown that the Power Inflator Button may stick in the depressed position. Engineers have designed new replacement parts that will prevent the Button from sticking.

Oceanic asks that all owners of Oceanic BCs that have Reliant Inflators return them to an Authorized Oceanic Dealer for a retrofit at no charge.

For more details, click the link below or contact your Oceanic sales representative.

Oceanic Link

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