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Oh, Mexico ! : Part III


After going out in the boat to do some more line work, I had a major letdown: I had bunged sinuses! It was a shame, as the sea was like glass, and such a lovely day. There was not a lot I could do about it, so after blowing my nose a few times I resigned myself to the fact that today would have to be spent on dry land. I simply wasn’t used to diving every day and was perhaps a little more tired than I wanted to admit.

I spent the rest of the day relaxing. I also did a few apnea walking exercises so Aharon could teach me how to use them as a training aid, particularly with the aid of a heart rate monitor. I got caught out doing this and it was clear from my heart rate after the exercise that I wasn’t trying quite as hard as perhaps I was supposed to. "You are lazy!" blasted Aharon with a smirk across his face. Busted! And I thought I was quite convincing.

Having a day out of the sea gave me time to sit back and watch the wildlife around the camp, and there was plenty of it. On returning one afternoon we were not the only ones to have done a spot of fishing, and were fortunate enough to see, up on the top of a cactus, an osprey enjoying a sizeable catch.

The warm evening drew on and I left having a shower until sunset when it was a bit cooler. What a great way to have a shower, with water still warm from the afternoon sun and a view that no bathroom or shower curtain could come close to offering. The colours really are breathtaking.


This was my last day of diving. My time here had gone so quickly. This morning as with the others, MT spent time before breakfast going through breathing techniques and stretches.

After the stretching and breakfast we made our way out to sea to have one last day of monofin diving on the line. I was still feeling a little bunged up but was happy to see how I got on. The first went well but the second got cut short by a blockage. I managed to shift some of the snot by blowing my nostrils one at a time, and after another successful dive I decided to have a go at some variable.

I was happy with what I’d achieved but still a little frustrated. As soon as I start getting frustrated I may as well call it a day because things tend to just get worse. After taking my own advice we turned the boat back to shore.

The worst thing about the last day of a holiday is having to pack the night before an early start. It sort of hits home a bit early that this is it, that’s ya cracker, time up, game over, collect your kit and back to Blighty.


Homeward bound. We set off early from camp, at the first light. I don’t remember talking a lot in the truck on the way back to La Paz, lost in my own thoughts probably. I did see a road runner, though.

I am not really one for long partings, so once my luggage was checked in and the flight was on the departure board, we said our goodbyes and I was alone, back again where my Mexican adventure began.

Most of the return journey was spent daydreaming, reliving the last two weeks, delaying the onset of the reality check I was going to get when I arrived back in Sheffield.

If you fancy something a little bit different and a bit special, and for me, an experience of what freediving is, was or just can be about, then Baja is a nice spot and the company is great.

I don’t think I could really put into words how at home I felt, and my gratitude for the time I had with the Solomons, but I’m sure they know how much I enjoyed myself. So on a personal note, in short, thanks again, folks, for a fantastic time and some fantastic experiences. I’ll see you soon.

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