OTS Introduces New Full-Face Mask, Regulator

Ocean Technology Systems' New STEALTH Full-Face Mask With SRG-1 Regulator

Ocean Technology Systems has introduced a new full-face mask, dubbed the “STEALTH,” and a new SRG-1 regulator that can be affixed to the STEALTH or other similar masks.

The double-sealed STEALTH mask features two underwater communications capabilities: through-water or hard-wire. It can also be bought without a communications capability. Additionally, the mask features several equalizing pads that gives the diver a custom fit.

OTS says that the SRG-1 Regulator makes it easier to deliver more air at deeper depths, with a new venturi assist feature that increases gas flow to allow the diver more control over their diving experience.

With the SRG-1 included, the STEALTH retails for US$899. The regulator alone retails for $439 if you want to retrofit it onto OTS‘s Guardian-series full-face masks. Want to communicate underwater? The STEALTH full-face mask with a buddy phone retails for $1,469.

For more info, check out the OTS website.