Tuesday, July 16, 2024

OTS Is Holding An Online Guardian FFM Technician Course This Week


Ocean Technology Systems is holding an online FFM Technician Course this week for folks who would like to be certified to work on their Guardian FFMs and for those who need a recertification.

Attendees who are currently certified and would like to sit in as a free “refresher” are also welcome.

The Zoom session will take place Thursday, August 12th at 8:00am Pacific/11:00am Eastern time.

According to the OTS announcement:

“This event will be an augmentation to the online course with the opportunity to interact. Our hope is that attendees will get more information out the event than what is typical in the normal online technician course slides and have the ability to ask questions.”

The session will be free of charge if the attendee is already certified and would simply like to sit in on the event as a “refresher.”

If you’re doing an initial certification or need a recertification, the cost will be the same as taking the normal online course. There is no additional charge to attend this live event and ask questions.

To sign up for the session, send an email to Amie (amie@otscomm.com) with the following information:

  • List “12 August Zoom” in email subject line
  • Your Full Name
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Dive Shop or Agency Name
  • Currently Certified: Yes / No (If Yes, list your date of certification)
  • Email address to be used for Zoom notification
  • New Certification or re-certification registration form attached to email.

You can download the Certification/Recertification Form here.

Certification/Recertification Cost: Certification is US$125 and OTS tool kit is $115. If you already have a tool kit, you don’t need to buy another to recertify.

More about the event:

“Simply attending this event will not give you a complete certification. Attendees will still need to go through the online class slides and complete the quizzes for documentation of completion and comprehension. The full event is anticipated to be around six hours. We will be taking breaks as necessary.”

If you have any questions about the event or signing up, send an email to jhott@otscomm.com.

And if you can’t make it to this class, not to worry, more classes are coming, with future Zoom dates scheduled for September 9th, October 14th, November 11th and December 9th.

(Image credit: OTS via Facebook)

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