PADI Features Swedish Freediver Annelie Pompe For International Women’s Day

Inspirational freediver and explorer Annelie Pompe talks to PADI about her love for the ocean and beyond. ?#?IWD2016? ?#?PADIWomen

Freediving is taking a larger and larger part of the mind-share in the diving industry.

After the recent launch of their Freediver programme, PADI has chosen to feature an interview with Swedish Freediver Annelie Pompe as one of their #PADIWomen for International Women’s Day 2016.

Annelie Pompe is as a professional adventurer, motivational speaker, underwater photographer, freediving instructor, yoga instructor, writer, personal trainer and coach.  She set a World Record in Freediving with a Variable Weight (VWT) dive in 2010 to 126m.