PADI Professional Certifies 2000th Student

Last month PADI Course Director, Marty Rayman certified his 2000th student. Marty was certified in 1984 and quickly continued his diving career to become an Assistant Instructor one year later. Like many divers, Marty was greatly influenced as a child by Mike Nelson, the character played by Lloyd Bridges in the television show Sea Hunt.

Marty is a board certified Orthotist and worked in that field until 1993 when he opened Aquatic Adventures Scuba Academy as a full time endeavor. His philosophy as an instructor is that people come to him not to be taught scuba but rather to become a diver. Marty told us, "Teaching skills is only part of my job; the rest is to teach them how to get the same enjoyment and excitement out of diving that I do."

PADI and the entire industry wish to thank Marty for playing such an important role in growing the dive industry and helping create so many new and enthusiastic divers.


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