Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Paralenz Back At DEMA Show, Highlighting Action Camera


The folks who developed the Paralenz action camera are back at DEMA Show this year, and they’re working on bringing a new macro lens to market soon.

The Paralenz currently has a 140-degree lens with a minimum focusing distance of 8 inches. Depth-rated to 200 meters/650 feet, the camera color corrects to the loss of light associated when diving to depth. Users can access the exact time, location and temperature on your dive profile of where the actual images and video were taken. Color is realistic and sharp without the use of auxiliary lights up to 60 feet. For longer distances, the company recommends the use of lights for color.

Paralenz batteries will record 2+ hours in 4k and 3+ hours in 1080p.

Two hundred fifty divers from three countries used the Paralenz and provided feedback during development. Their input was used in the two years from beginning to fine-tuning the production process in Copenhagen.

Julie Morgan

Paralenz Back At DEMA Show, Highlighting Action Camera 3
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