Police Apprehend Thief With Stolen Rebreather

Recently, The Inspiration user group rallied together to help retrieve a stolen inspiration rebreather advertised on an auction website.

The close-knit circle of CCR divers firstly alerted each other to the possibility that the rebreather was stolen, based on the low price offered.

This led Steve Cooper an Inspiration owner and Los Angeles Police Officer, currently assigned to the Tactics unit and the Underwater Dive Unit to take up the case.

Many of the Inspiration user group had already posed questions to the seller, in order to try and illicit information about the equipment which would confirm whether of not it was stolen.

Using this information and the serial numbers of known stolen units in the United States, Steve arranged to meet the perpetrator within the Los Angeles City limits, with the promise of a cash deal.

With the help of a backup unit Steve arrested him and he will be charged with receiving stolen goods; a felony in California.

The United States distributor of Inspiration rebreathers has confirmed that the unit was stolen from a delivery vehicle on it’s way to a retailer in California at the beginning of August.