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Poseidon announces manufacturer's error

There seemsto be a manufacturing error on the inner bladder that is mounted in our W50wings, that causes the seam that holds the two inner bladder halves together,to break, making the wing unfit as a floating device.

It seems to be inner bladders marked with batch number 5445 (see picture below)that is effected by the manufacturing error.


These inner bladders have been mounted in W50 wings sold during the period:2007-09-16 – 2008-06-10.

To check if you have an inner bladder effected by this manufacturing error, dothe following:

  • Between the two ´legs´ of the W50 wing, there is a zipper. Open this zipper.
  • You should now see the inner bladder. Between the two ´ legs´of the inner bladder, there is a tab with the article number, batch number and manufacturing year.
  • If the batch number on this tab reads 5445, the inner bladder might be defect.
  • If there is an other batch number, then the bladder is not effected by this information.

If you have an inner bladder from batch no 5445, Poseidon recommends that you DONOT dive with the wing, until the inner bladder has been replaced!

Poseidon Diving Systems AB will replace all W50 inner bladders frommanufacturing batch no 5445.  Anyone who has an inner bladder from manufacturing batch 5445, to contactthe dive store where you bought your W50 wing as soon as possible, so that yourW50 bladder can be replaced.

Unfortunately, the manufacturing error was not detectable at the qualitycontrol that each inner bladder is put through prior to delivery.

Poseidon Diving Systems apologizes for the inconvenience this is causing and hope to replace the blades as soon as possible.


Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise is the former News Editor for She is based in Dubai.