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The Europe Evolution Cup offers prize money to freedivers

The Europe Evolution Cup is an AIDA freediving competition,and is causing much sensation due to the monetary prize involved.  The athletewith the best result will win the sum of the static result and the dynamicresult. 

This is anIndividual AND a Team competition, with World Record Status and Ranking.The judges will be Bill Stromberg and Giada Franci, and the disciplines will beStatic and Dynamic Apnea (with/without fins).


Competition Programme

Saturday, 4th October 2008

From 9 am to 10 am: registration at the secretary’s at the Hotel “Sole e Mare”-tourist village Ge Tur in Lignano Sabbiadoro, viale Centrale, 28

1.00 pm: Meeting with the athletes – Rules of the competition.
2.00 pm: Introduction of the teams, athletes and national anthems
2.15 pm: The first athletes start to warm up
2.45 pm: Beginning of the AIDA Static Competition
4.15 pm: End of the Static Competition
6.30 pm: Results of AIDA Static Apnea


Sunday 5th October2008


9.00 am: Meeting with the athletes – Rules of the DynamicApnea Competition with fins
11.45 am: Introduction of the teams and national anthems
12.00 am: The athletes start to warm up
12.30 am: Beginning of the Dynamic Apnea Competition with fins
2.15 pm: End of the AIDA Dynamic Competition
2.30 pm: Lunch
3.30 pm: Awarding of AIDA prizes
4.00 pm: Award of the “Europe Evolution Cup” prize to the best athlete of theevent


The competition will be recorded by underwater and surfacecameras. The images will be shown to the public on two Led mega screens, withlive comments, interviews and also comments of the athletes.


For more information, contact

Apnea Evolutionasd
Via Sinodo 28
33055 Marano Lagunare

Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise is the former News Editor for She is based in Dubai.