With the Discovery Channel’s annual “Shark Week” in full swing, the folks at apparel company Prawno are offering a 20-percent-off deal while you watch all the programs about these awesome predators.

As Prawno says:

“Shark Week is a chance for us ocean nerds to get our adrenaline pumping as we watch insane footage of these beautiful creatures. It is also a chance for us to chat to those who aren’t necessarily so savvy on sharks about their importance, and how they are actually not the man-eating predators that they are sometimes portrayed to be in Hollywood. As an apex predator, sharks are crucial to the balance of the ocean’s ecosystem. And without them, not only would other important (and tasty) species die off, but we wouldn’t get sweet footage of Shaq with Prawno Ambassador, Liz Parkinson either!”

So to celebrate “Shark Week,” Prawno says to use code “MAKO” during the commercial breaks and save 20 percent off their merchandise, which applies to everything including “sale” items.

Additionally, orders of US$75 or more shipped within the USA qualify for free shipping.

For more info, go to prawnoapparel.com.

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