Wednesday, May 22, 2024

PSI Ramps Up Virtual Training in Response To COVID-19


As part of its response to the global pandemic, Professional Cylinder Inspectors (PSI) was forced to adapt and implemented its successful Interactive Virtual Training (IVT) Program.

While PSI was looking to enhance its courses to reach candidates in remote locations with a virtual element before the pandemic, the COVID-19 outbreak made the company accelerate its plans, and the new program was brought forward.

According to PSI-PCI President Mark Gresham:

“We instituted virtual live training for the Visual Cylinder Inspection program. This allowed us to continue training during the pandemic lockdowns. The standards set by [US Department of Transportation], the Compressed Gas Association and numerous manufacturers generally meant standard ‘virtual training’ through ZOOM (as an example) wasn’t sufficient. Our established ‘in-person’ class procedures are still necessary to meet certification standards. So, every course we taught featured interactive visual interactions between the instructor and students – even if there were 30 participants in the class.”

 Discussing the interactive virtual element of the innovation, he added:

 “As instructors, and as a certifying organization, it is important for us to make sure the students demonstrate they have mastered the skill and meet the standards. There is no substitute for interactive engagement, and we are proud to be among the first training organizations to incorporate this concept.”

You can find out more information here.

Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
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