Results from "Heart of Europe" Competition

We’ve heard initial results from the "Heart of Europe" freediving competition, courtesy of

21 athletes from 6 nations turned up to compete for the titles of "King & Queen of the Lake". Several new records were set at the event including:

Bill Str??mberg (SWE): Men’s Scandinavian record Constant Weight (63m)

Melita Adany: Women’s Croatian sweet water record (45m)

Melita Adany: Women’s Croatian Static record (4’44”)

Herbert Nitsch (AUT): Inofficial world record Constant Weight sweet water (75m)

Here are the final standings:


  1. Melita Andany (HR) [92 Pts.]
  2. Lotta Ericson (SWE) [39,5 Pts.]
  3. Minna Norgaard (DK) [36,5 Pts.)


  1. Herbert Nitsch (AUT) [140 Pts.]
  2. Lars Mou Andersen (DK) [106,5 Pts.]
  3. Zeljko Vedris (HR) [99 Pts.]