Results from the 2012 British Freediving Association Pool Championship

Georgina Miller relaxes as she breathes up for a record-setting static attempt

The British Freediving Association held their annual AIDA UK Pool Championship, the Great Northern, on the weekend of March 10th; the two-day event was comprised of two separate competitions. On Saturday all-comers were welcomed to participate in a dynamic no-fins (DNF) “Open” competition. The top performers in the open were:

Chris Crawshaw 163m DNF new National Record  watch video here.
John Moorcroft
Alan Barber

Georgina Miller 88m DNF
Benedicte Philippon
Sam Kirby

Then on Sunday, March 11th the UK Nationals were held — a competition that combined scores from both Static and Dynamic apnea. The overall rankings from the UK Nationals listed below, recognize the top three UK freedivers as well as two non-UK athletes who live permanently in the UK and train with Apneists UK (despite keeping their status from their respective nations of origin).

Overall Rankings Men’s
Chris Crawshaw (UK)
Mike Benke (Hun)
John Moorcroft (UK)
Gary McGrath (UK)

Overall Rankings Women’s
Georgina Miller (UK) six minutes and :20 seconds Static Apnea new National Record
Allie Crawford (UK)
Meike Holzmann (Ger)
Sam Kirby (UK)

“It was most certainly one of the best competitions I have attended, in particular, because of the good vibe that the group produced,” said organizer Steve Millard. “A great event attended by international athletes, alongside many UK freedivers who represented almost every single freediving group in the UK. It felt like a family day-out the lovely way everyone interacted together. What a wonderful event!”

BFA would like to thank the generous sponsors of the 2012 AIDA UK Pool Championship including Emma Farrell, British Freediving, Lifestyles Fitness Centres, Orca, PoloSub, NoTanx, Sean Peters Photography & Video, and Clubmore Gas Limited.

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