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Review Extra: CarbonioGFT Force Bi-Fins with HydroGFT Footpockets

I never thought I would own a pair of carbon fiber fins. I believed that investing in bi-fins was more for competition safety divers, instructors, coaches, or people doing Constant Weight with Bi-Fins (CWT-B) records. I am a freediving instructor and wear my bi-fins quite often, but I had fiberglass ones that had replaced my first pair of plastic fins, so I felt that fiberglass was good enough and there was no need to make the switch to carbon fiber.

And then I tried CarbonioGFT’s Force fins.

First Impressions


The front of the CarbonioGFT Force bi-Fin with HydroGFT footpocket.
The front of the CarbonioGFT Force bi-Fin with HydroGFT foot pocket.

The blades are glossy rather than the matte color of typical carbon fins, and instead of being flat blades, they have ridges on the front, which are for water ducting. They are also insanely light, weighing in at less than 200g. The water rails run quite thin, which may translate into a longer life for the rails, but only time will tell. They also run a bit longer than the actual blade, which offers protection when leaning the fins vertically against a wall.  I ordered the Force 1 blades, which are the softest, and they are extremely flexible. One aspect I really appreciate about the blade is that it is thicker at the tip than most similar carbon fins on the market, which gives it more durability, yet does not compromise on flexibility. The blade also runs almost all the way up into the HydroGFT foot pocket, which means a better transition of energy from every kick.

Demonstrating the flexibility of the CarbonioGFT Force bi-fin.
Demonstrating the flexibility of the CarbonioGFT Force bi-fin.

HydroGFT Footpocket

CarbonioGFT's HydroGFT foot pocket.
CarbonioGFT’s HydroGFT foot pocket.

The HydroGFT closed-toe, full foot pocket is also made by CarbonioGFT, and it comes in sizes ranging from European shoe size 35 to 45, which is excellent for women with small feet, as it is quite difficult finding smaller foot pockets. They run a bit narrow but are very soft and flexible, which is also a great option for those with narrow feet, yet still stretch out wide enough for those with wider feet. They are also incredibly light, which makes the entire bi-fin feel virtually weightless. They are not removable from the bi-fin and are sold by CarbonioGFT only with a new GFT bi-fin.

Water ducting ridges on the CarbonioGFT Force bi-fin.
Water ducting ridges on the CarbonioGFT Force bi-fin.


I literally had to change my finning style for these bi-fins, as I was so used to having to exert more power by using a wider finning technique. It feels like I am kicking with bare feet, and I feel almost surprised when I see how fast I am moving. The Force bi-fins are exceptionally responsive and are super soft, and the foot pockets are the most close-fitting and comfortable foot pockets I have ever tried on. They are also incredibly photogenic and make the diver look fantastically sleek underwater.


CarbonioGFT Force bi-fins in action.
CarbonioGFT Force bi-fins in action. Photo by Yahia Barakah.

I can now say that I definitely see the appeal of quality carbon bi-fins. The CarbonioGFT Force fins with HydroGFT foot pockets carry a high price tag but are completely worth it for their sheer superiority in performance and quality.

Note: I was provided with a free product in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by CarbonioGFT in any way.  For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.

CarbonioGFT Force Bi-fin Features

  • 100% carbon
  • Nano-Technology
  • F. technology
  • Dimensions – 850 x 200mm
  • Naked fin weight – less than 200g
  • Customizable designs with stickers and the option to add a logo or name
  • Options for rail color: red, black, and white
  • Comes in soft, medium, and hard blade stiffness
  • 24° or 32° angle

HydroGFT Foot pocket Features

  • Fully envelops the foot
  • No rails (tendons) for maximum flexibility
  • Low energy dispersion
  • HydroGFT foot pocket weight – 220g


  • Force blade – €460 EUR / $513 USD / £403 GBP
  • HydroGFT foot pocket – €115 EUR / $128 USD / £100 GBP

More Information

Kristina Zvaritch
Kristina Zvaritch
Kris is an AIDA/Molchanovs Freediving Instructor, freelance copywriter, and one of the founders of SaltyMind Freediving on the little island of Xiao Liuqiu, Taiwan. She has written 100+ articles centered around freediving for and co-authored the Molchanovs Wave 4 - Competitive Freediving manual. When Kris isn't writing or teaching freediving, you can find her floating on a wave at the beach or struggling to learn Mandarin on land.






The outstanding quality of CarbonioGFT's Force bi-fins with HydroGFT footpockets, along with being sleek, feather-light, comfortable, and incredibly responsive, make these bi-fins an excellent investment .Review Extra: CarbonioGFT Force Bi-Fins with HydroGFT Footpockets