If you’re an aficionado of the Sony Alpha a6300 Mirrorless digital camera or the Canon EOS 80D digital camera and have dreamed of taking either of them beneath the waves with you on a dive, your dreams might have come true.

SEA&SEA recently announced the unveiling of underwater housings for both cameras, each with features meant for whichever of the two cameras you fancy.

For the Sony camera, SEA&SEA introduced the MDX-a6300 housing, which comes with a pair of accessory ports, an LCD tilt and monitor hood, an external port lock and lens release, as well as luminscent buttons. It’s also compatible with NX and ML ports.

SEA&SEA's MDX-a6300 housing
SEA&SEA’s MDX-a6300 housing

For the Canon EOS camera, the new MDX-80D housing sports compatibility with an Optical YS Converter, a diopter adjustment dial, external port lock and lens release, redesigned ergonomic levers and luminescent buttons as well.

SEA&SEA's MDX-80D camera housing
SEA&SEA’s MDX-80D camera housing

Both housings will be available this month, with the MDX-a6300 retailing for US$1,799.95/1,612.21 Euros and the MDX-80D retailing for $3,499.953,134.89 Euros.

For more information, check out the SEA&SEA website at seaandsea.com.

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