Sequel to Guillaume Nery short film “Free Fall” announced

Julie Gautier and Guillaume Néry are planning their follow-up to smash hit YouTube short film “Free Fall” which has had over 11 million views as of July 2012.

Titled NARCOSE the story relates to the personal internal journey of Néry during one of his deep water dives.

The short film draws its inspiration from his physical experience and his dreams. Alternating between reality and imagination, the film shows how far human abilities can be stretched and it reveals the intimate and primal bond between the athlete’s inner world and his aquatic environment, bringing the understanding of the human relationship with the underwater world to new levels.

Sequel to Guillaume Nery short film "Free Fall" announced 1

One of the scenes has already been filmed and a teaser trailer has been released on YouTube.

Gautier, the project creator, says that they are seeking funds for around 25,000 Euros to cover the complete costs of making the film and are using the crowd-funding website Ulule to raise funds from the public.

In exchange for various levels of funding the couple with provide everything from Autographs to Producer Credits.


You can also see the original smash hit “Free Fall” below.