SSI Announces Eight New Specialties for 2004

2004 will be a busy year for the SSI Product Development team. They have set the hefty goal of updating the copy, look and messaging for a total of eight specialties.

Slated for revisions and updating are the Enriched Air Nitrox, Deep Diving, Boat Diving, Diver Stress and Rescue, Navigation, Computer Diving, Night and Limited Visibility Diving, and Equipment Techniques.

The team is hard at work on four of the specialties now and plan on completing the last four in the second half of 2004.

A DVD is also being created for each specialty that will be formatted to accommodate any necessary language conversions and will be made available for use Internationally along with the manual.

In order to meet the committed completion dates for each specialty, the team must maintain a tight schedule with strict deadlines. Although this is a huge undertaking they are looking forward to the challenge, as well as continuing to provide SSI dealers and instructors with the highest quality educational products available on the market today.

For more information, visit the SSI Website at

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