SSI Offering Free Science of Diving Digital Kit

SSI Offering Free Science of Diving Digital Kit
SSI Offering Free Science of Diving Digital Kit

Scuba Schools International is offering its Science of Diving Digital Kit for free to all divers through the training agency’s website.

Between April 12th and June 30th, 2020, any diver or professional can go the SSI website to obtain their free Science of Diving Kit. As part of the process, students participating in this program that don’t have a MySSI profile will need to register in MySSI and affiliate themselves with an SSI center.

In addition, SSI’s Science of Diving kit has been upgraded to now include the final exam, making the virtual classroom training and the certification process much easier.

To enroll in this program, you’ll need to be a minimum of an Open Water Diver or equivalent from a recognized agency. To pass the online final exam, you’ll have to achieve a score of 100%. Students can perform multiple attempts until a 100% passing grade is achieved.

Once you successfully complete the Science of Diving Kit and the Online Final Exam, you’ll need to contact your local SSI Training Center to complete the certification.

In a Distance Learning or classroom setting, you’ll have to achieve a minimum passing grade of 80% and take part in a review session with an SSI Instructor to review and discuss any missed questions.

After completing the Science of Diving Certification, you’ll be halfway to earning the coveted SSI Divemaster rating. The last step is to complete the SSI Dive Guide Course. The combination of SSI Science of Diving and Dive Guide certifications will earn you the SSI Divemaster rating.

For more info and to register, go the SSI website.