SSI Unveils new Total Teaching System DVD program

Scuba Schools International (SSI), the education and business support organization, announces the launch of the diving industry’s first Total Teaching System with interactive DVD. This innovation marks another high quality first created by SSI’s Product Development team.

The DVDs are to be used in conjunction with each of the eight specialty manuals released this year. The DVDs were designed to help a student learn the core components of the course in a fun interactive setting. The first available manual and DVD is Deep Diving. The rest will follow throughout 2004. This creation follows SSI’s Total Teaching System concept.

"As the leading educational innovator, we strive to help every dive facility develop quality divers," said Gary Clark, president of SSI.

Providing students with this type of an interactive experience raises their comfort and confidence level because of increased subject matter retention.

This system compliments SSI’s training method of "Comfort through Repetition", which requires new divers to complete specific skills over and over until they become a conditioned response. As a result of developing ability and comfort, diving becomes fun and students want to continue their diving adventure.

SSI will continue to provide these types of innovations so that SSI affiliates will always be able to offer customers training materials that will increase enjoyment in the sport of diving.

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