A new Freediving Equipment manufacturer SUBMIND FREEDIVING has gone public with designs for a rather sleek and good looking Wetsuit as well as a new Neckweight system.

Founded in 2015 by Matthias Bruno SUBMIND FREEDIVING products are developed in collaboration with freedivers, a team of designers and textile specialists. Production takes place in France to guarantee the know-how and quality required for exceptional products for Freediving.

Whilst the products are designed and launched, a crowdfunding campaign has been created to help the team to launch production.  The campaign aims to collect €30,000 EUR in pre-orders from customers to help fund initial production.

Matthias Bruno, CEO had this to say:

“We have worked with top level freedivers and novices to develop simple and effective products. The first need Submind wanted to address was the ballast. Freedivers use adhesive tape, bike inner tubes, lead balls to create their own neckweight, a lot of them ask us to change that! The second one is regarding wetsuits, they wanted a more beautiful design and specific products to differentiate themselves from scuba divers using scuba tanks. After one year of R&D SUBMIND Freediving presented its new products officially one month ago at Paris International Diving Show. Many champions were at the Show and they really well received our innovations.  The world of freediving is ready for new crafty products, we are so happy to serve our community and want to share our passion all around the world”.

You can learn more about the products as well as contribute to the Crowdfunding campaign at http://www.kisskissbankbank.com/en/projects/submindfreediving

Submind Crowdfunding Campaign – Neckweight and Wetsuit
Submind Crowdfunding Campaign – Neckweight and Wetsuit