Suunto Introduces New Customizable Dive Computer

Suunto has introduced the EON Steel, a customizable dive computer.

Divers can choose from a variety of interfaces, be they text-based or graphical, using Suunto‘s DM5 software that can transfer logbook data to their computers. A beginning diver can have a simple display, and as he/she gets more experience can tailor the unit to his/her preferences. The EON Steel also features either a bungee or strap attachment, giving the diver flexibility in mounting the unit.

The screen is very bright with high-color contrast, allowing the diver to read the display in a wide range of conditions, from shallow water with plenty of light to deep water with very little light.

The EON Steel uses Suunto‘s “Fused™ RGBM algorithm” to maximize dive time, according to Suunto. When paired with the company’s new Tank POD, a wireless tank pressure transmitter, a divemaster can see tank pressures from multiple PODs.

The EON Steel has a depth rating of up to 150 meters and features a 20- to 40-hour dive time after a single charge, making it great for weeklong liveaboard trips. It has a recommended price of €999 and the Tank POD costs €299.

For more information, check out Suunto’s website.

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