Sylvia Earle to launch "Mission Blue"

Affectionately known throughout the world as both “Her Deepness” and “The Strugeon General”, oceanographer and undwerwater explorer Sylvia Earle, is on a mission — Mission Blue.

Mission Blue is a project whose aim is to create marine preserves through all possible avenues. And it already has an ambitious plan for this year. So far in granting Earle’s wish, Razorfish, an interactive agency, has created a brand and an ocean awareness campaign that will launch in April 2010. Earle’s foundation, has received a $1 million grant Planet Heritage Foundation, and a partner network has been created including National Geographic, IUCN, Google Earth and Deep Search Foundation. But that’s just the start to realizing a vast upswing in marine protected areas. More corporate partners are needed to promote ocean issues, more sponsors, and more commitments from world leaders. It is going to be a massive undertaking – and Mission Blue hopes to inspire all divers to participate. Stay tuned to for more details about the launch.