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The Effect Of A Dredging Ban Is Clear In Scotland And...

The Devastating effects of Scallop dredging are laid bare in a new BBC Earth clip.

BBC Earth Releases Blue Planet II Trailer And It Is Epic

BBC releases trailer for Blue Planet II, and it is utterly Epic

Planet Earth II Snags Two BAFTA Awards

The BBC's Planet Earth II nature documentary recently won a pair of British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards.The show won BAFTAs for...

BBC To Air ‘Blue Planet’ Sequel

Ever watched, mesmerized, ocean creatures cavorting through the water in the 2001 documentary "The Blue Planet"?Well, the BBC recently announced it would be airing...

Reminder For USA Viewers: ‘Planet Earth II’ Premieres On BBC America...

If the boffo ratings in the U.K. are any indication, chances are "Planet Earth II" will do pretty well in the United States, despite not...

Planet Earth II Is Coming Soon And It Looks EPIC

The original BBC Nature Documentary "Planet Earth" hit our TV screens 10 years ago and it changed the way we looked at our world. ...
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