Saturday, May 30, 2020
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JFD Unveils Dual-Mode Bite Mouthpiece For Stealth Rebreathers

If you're a technical diver or rebreather diver, JFD recently unveiled a safety upgrade to its Stealth rebreathers range that could eventually make its way to the recreational dive market.

iQsub introduces the X-CCR Rebreather at DEMA Show 2015

iQsub, the Czech Republic-based manufacturer of expedition-grade rebreathers, has introduced their X-CCR at DEMA Show 2015. The X-CCR, which will be distributed in the America's...

Tekdeep To Host rEvo Rebreather ‘Try Dives’

For two days later this month, Tekdeep UK will be demonstrating the benefits of rebreathers, with one model being showcased in particular. Divers interested in...




How We Are Helping: Search Scuba

The folks at Search Scuba are helping dive shops by suspending commissions through June 13th, 2020.

How Prism 2’s Are Used For Research

Like it or not, recreational scuba diving has its limits. We look at why underwater pros are moving to a rebreather such as the Hollis Prism 2

Fourth Element Unveils New Hydra Drysuit

Fourth Element launched its long-awaited Hydra neoprene drysuit this week.

DeeperBlue Official Clothing Now Available

We're excited to announce we're launching our range of official clothing to help support our work to keep you informed and inspired about everything diving and ocean-related.

Reef-World Provides New Resources For Dive Operators To Tackle COVID-19

The Reef-World Foundation has released a host of new resources to help dive operators cope during the COVID-19 crisis.


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