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DEMA Show CoverageiQsub introduces the X-CCR Rebreather at DEMA Show 2015

iQsub introduces the X-CCR Rebreather at DEMA Show 2015


iQsub, the Czech Republic-based manufacturer of expedition-grade rebreathers, has introduced their X-CCR at DEMA Show 2015.

The X-CCR, which will be distributed in the America’s and Asia by Sub Gravity, combines a well-proven rebreather chassis with an innovative electronics package.

The X-CCR features a compact, ergonomic design that facilitates tool-less assembly and maintenance, using a “Quick Bayonet Lock” on the head, allowing easy access to the O-ring. The 8-pound “Radial Scrubber” has a standard 6 hour duration; optional sizes are 5.5 lbs. and 4.4 lbs.

Other features include:

-Recommended depth Limit of 330 feet (100 meters.

-Digital HP Sensors X-CCR connector.

-Primary handset has a 2.8″, full color OLED screen, two piezos, compass, stack timer, log book, sensors and calibration timers and “Black-box memory”.

-2L or 3L cylinder size.

-Shrimp BOV.

-Oxygen control in eCCR mode with X-CCR controlled solenoid with multiple user selected control modes.

-5 Oxygen set point range (4 user-defined and one floating).

-Choice of different wings and backplates (compatible with all standard makes).

-Choice between over the shoulder and back-mounted counter-lungs.

For more information, check out the iQsub website or Facebook page.

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