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Explorer Sport Rebreather brings divers more intimate interaction with the ocean

Hollis‘s Explorer rebreather has created a unique place in the market.

Tad Masek, Senior Design Engineer for Hollis, told at DEMA Show 2015 this week in Orlando:

“Its direct competition isn’t other rebreathers, its other open circuit systems.”

The simple user interface, and the ability to get up and running safely and quickly set this unit in its own class, it operates off a single cylinder of Nitrox which can do a 32-40 percent mixture, making it possible to take it basically anywhere in the world and still get air fills.

All of the major training agencies offer courses to get certified on the system, usually within a weekend. The maximum depth range is 120 feet, but once you are familiar and ready for more frontiers Hollis offers full capability rebreathers to take you anywhere you want to go.

Safety features include a built-in, bailout valve on the mouth piece; flip the switch if there is any sign of a problem, and you are back to breathing regular open-circuit directly from the nitrox cylinder. Multiple other redundant safety systems have also taken the guesswork out of rebreather diving.

Scott Cooper has been instrumental in the rollout of the Explorer into the recreational market.  His passion is to bring the joy associated with the best parts of the rebreather experience industry wide, “to allow a more intimate relationship between divers and the ocean.”

For everyone from brand new divers to the very experienced, it dramatically improves the experience of being underwater by allowing the diver to become part of the environment; allowing fish and other aquatic life to interact more closely with you.

Hollis is of course also offering a complete line of gear for every type of diving.  The harness system that the rebreathers mount to can also be used for traditional scuba cylinders.  All of the products share American made quality and engineering based on a rich history in diving.  This year they also have a 2-piece full-face mask in the booth from Kirby Morgan that is worth checking out at DEMA Show this year. DEMA Team DEMA Team
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