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Colombian Coral Reef Offers A Ray Of Hope To Others

A Colombian reef may hold the secret to how reefs can survive in very challenging conditions.

Third National Scuba Symposium Held In Colombia

The third edition of the "Encuentro Nacional de Buceo" (National Scuba Symposium) took place recently in Medellin, Colombia.

Nirvana Oceanquest 2018 Freediving Competition Set For May 3-9

InnerSea is organizing the 2018 edition of its annual Nirvana Oceanquest international freediving contest.

Freediver Sofia Gomez Uribe Nominated For Colombian Athlete Of The Year

Colombian free diver Sofia Gomez Uribe has been nominated for athlete of the Year

Sofia Gomez Uribe Sets (unofficial) World Record in Bi-fins

Competitive freediving is tricky business. Sometimes disciplined athletes can be easily flustered by seemingly small snafus. So much training, focus and dedication can often...

Sofía Gómez Uribe Sets a new Colombian Record at Vertical Blue

Today, on the first day of competition, Sofia Gomez Uribe of Colombia decided to go for it. In her first appearance at the "Wimbledon...

Nirvana Oceanquest – Colombia’s Inaugural AIDA Depth Competition

Nirvana Oceanquest is an international freediving event that will host athletes, hailing from all around the globe, in a truly unique spot: the Nirvana...
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